Waking up with constant neck pain reduces your productivity and quality of life. That said, you can manage the pain by getting a good neck pillow. I have tested and reviewed several of these products to bring you this list of the 10 best pillows for neck pain. 

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t offer medical advice. You should only use a neck pain pillow after consulting with your doctor. 

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To start, COOP adjustable loft pillow is the best adjustable pillow for neck pain with millions of satisfied customers. It offers comfort with added support for all sleeping positions. Its adjustable feature allows you to fill or remove the memory foam inside for your convenience. Let’s take a look in detail at what this pillow offers.

Coop loft pillows are scientifically proven to be durable and rigorous for individuals with chronic neck pain. You can adjust by filling memory foam into the pillow in a quantity that enables you to rest peacefully.

It comprises 60% polyester and 40% cotton filled with fine memory foam, making it soft and comfy. Moreover, it features a fine mixture of memory foam with microfibers that helps provide the perfect balance for your neck and upper body.

It is certified by CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard for chemical emissions safety protocol. Additionally, no animals were harmed when manufacturing raw materials of this loft pillow, making it completely vegan.

The fabric is completely anti-allergic and prevents dust mites and other allergies to ensure a peaceful sleep. It is pretty easy to use and refill. You can unzip the pillow and add the desired amount of memory foam. And a 1/2 lb package of memory foam is provided with the pillow as a bonus.

Overall, Coop home goods offer a 100% easy return and free trial. If you are not satisfied with their loft pillow, you can always return it.



Secondly, the Misiski memory foam pillow has a  butterfly-shaped pillow that helps contour and aligns your head and neck with excellent support.  This memory foam pillow comprises 60% polyester and 40% rayon that provides a soft and comfortable feel for the pillowcase. It features 100% Polyurethane memory foam that is durable and soft. Its fine quality prevents lumps, providing you a long and adequate sleeping experience.

Moreover, this pillow is designed to reduce cervical problems. It is highly adjustable in any sleeping position and shapes itself while you change your position.

Additionally, its butterfly-shaped neck support pillow is designed to keep your posture as natural as possible. It adjusts your head posture with your body and spine. It also includes an extension beside the pillow as an arm rest. They support your arms in a well-rested position on this orthopedic pillow.

Moving on, It is certified with global standards for chemical emissions safety protocol. And finally, it is easy to clean and 100% washable.



This Xtreme Shredded Memory Foam is among the popular products in this category. It enables individuals with neck pain to sleep effortlessly in the desired position. 

It is made up of 80% polyester and 20% cotton filled with fine memory foam. The Xtreme pillow is also designed to be soft and manage neck pain. It is made up of quality fabric with detachable padding and zipper options to adjust your pillow as per your comfort preferences.

It is fluffy and does not change its shape or flatten even after heavy usage. Moreover, it is filled with a shredded memory foam blend of premium quality that does not lump down. It creates a smooth and comfortable experience that helps in reducing discomfort and pain.

Additionally, it is resistant to dust and other allergic substances, making it an ideal choice for individuals with allergies. It is certified by CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard.

Last but not least, its bamboo cover makes it pretty cool and breathable. It also serves sweaty sleepers to ensure a comfortable sleep even on hot summer nights.



Mediflow Water Pillow is one of its kind. It fills up with a removable and adjustable water bag that ensures a comfortable angle. It is different from its competitors, so let us take a tour of its specifications.

Mediflow water pillow is made up of premium quality material that ensures softness and comfort. It enriches your workday by relaxing your neck pain. Reduced pain will help you sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed.

Moreover, its water base technology is clinically proven to reduce pain and help users sleep effortlessly. However, the water base technology conforms with the head and neck dynamics to shape itself according to your body.

It is highly adjustable in any sleeping position.. Additionally, it features refined soft fiber technology that provides a luxurious feel to an individual with neck pain from the first night.

It is engineered to be fluffy and does not change its shape or flatten. Lastly, its insulated water pouch is made of rigid material and won’t burst even under heavyweight.



Tempur-pedic is among the leading sleeping product manufacturers globally. This pillow is an ergonomic shape to relax your head and neck. 

Tempur-pedic has designed this ergo-neck pillow with innovation. It can be used both indoors and for travel purposes due to its compact shape.

It provides you personalized comfort with its soft memory foam fillings. It adjusts itself and supports your neck so that you can have a peaceful sleep.

Moreover, it is engineered to absorb and extract pressure. It shapes up itself according to you while sleeping and regains its original form when not in use.

Additionally, it features a coolant gel that keeps the pillow cool in the warmest temperatures.  It is made up of anti-allergic material, making it suitable for individuals with allergies.

As a bonus, its cover is 100% removable and washable. It provides a whole new look after washing and can easily be carried while traveling. It is available in multiple variants like small, medium and large, or as a bundle. Thus making it easy for you to decide your very own preference.



Simply Nova has been one of the most popular manufacturers of sleeping products for more than a decade. This shredded memory foam pillow will allow you to relax your shoulders and head,  reducing your neck pain. It helps maintain your sleeping posture adequately, so you wake up refreshed. 

Simply Nova pillow is made up of quality fabric extracted from bamboo. It provides a soft and comfortable feel. It is specifically designed to enable one to sleep in the desired position and keep his body aligned to reduce vertebral pain.

Moreover, it is padded up with extra adjustable layers that make this pillow ultra-soft with adjustable support for the head and neck at any angle. It is filled up with premium quality memory foam with two different-sized layers. In addition, It does not create lumps.

Importantly, this pillow is certified by CertiPUR and complies with all its safety standards. Its fabric is 100% anti-allergic and is resistant to dust and mites.

Moreover,  its cover is 100% machine washable and provides a brand new look after a thorough wash. Lastly, it is backed up with a limited warranty with an easy return policy that safeguards your purchase. And you can always contact Simply Nova for assistance.



This Eli & Elm pillow is designed for side sleepers to maintain specific body contours, especially the head and neck. With its quality fillings and material, it helps you sleep peacefully while reducing cervical pain. Let’s have a look at its offerings.

Eli & Elm Ultimate Pillow is made up of 100% breathable premium cotton. It adds a soft and comfortable touch to the pillow’s outer casing. It is specially designed for side sleepers to keep their head and neck posture maintained with vertebral alignment.

Moreover, it features premium memory foam filling that is soft and doesn’t lump while providing a comfortable and enhanced sleep quality. It is highly adjustable, and you customize it by filling or removing memory foam as per your requirement.

Additionally, its cotton cover is 100% breathable, providing a cooling sensation after a hectic day. It also features a coolant gel that keeps the pillow cool while you rest on it.

Its fabric is 100% anti-allergic and is dust and mites-resistant. It is most suitable for individuals with mild to severe allergies. These pillow covers are 100% machine washable, making them a hygienic product. 



A belly sleep-infused memory foam pillow is unique among sleeping products as it is designed specifically for stomach sleepers. It helps align the body posture for a relaxed sleep and a refreshed morning. So let us have a look at what this pillow has to offer.

This belly sleep pillow comprises refined fabric with 60% bamboo and 40% polyester as a perfect mix. It provides an ultra-soft and comfortable feel to the user. It has a flat and thin composition and features a curved edge that helps in maintaining body posture with reduced head and neck pain.

Moreover, its bamboo polyester cover is odor resistant and blows away moisture, making it fresh and suitable for everyday use and good health.  It is also filled up with premium quality memory foam. It does not create lumps and provide long-lasting assistance on painful nights.

In addition, this pillow is certified by CertiPUR and complies with all its safety standards. Its fabric is 100% anti-allergic and is dust and mites-resistant.

Importantly, its outer cover is 100% breathable. It even targets your spinal pressure points to wake you up well-rested and not in pain. These pillow covers are 100% machine washable as it is vital to maintain your health. 



The pancake pillow is made up of 100% Cotton with a 300 thread count, which is the most breathable fabric. It is ultra-soft to feel and comfortable to sleep. It is designed to be customizable and comes with a zipper that allows pillow adjustments.

Moreover, it is a series of pillows enclosed inside a cover and is highly adjustable. You can lift or flat the pillow by adding or removing the pillows inside as per your requirement.

Sleepers fond of back and tummy sleeping positions prefer a thinner pillow to make their spine aligned in a comfortable position and avoid excess stress.

It is compatible with all sleeping positions as it provides adjustment from the thickest pillow to the thinnest pillow available on the market. Each pillow is filled with soft microfiber polyester. These withstand heavy pressure and compression and offer you a comfortable feel against your neck.

Additionally, it features an infused gel that serves as a synthetic material that absorbs heat generated by your body and converts it into a cooling sensation. It is 100% anti-allergic and microbial resistant. Lastly, it is 100% machine washable.



WonderSleep pillow is made up of premium quality 40% viscose-rayon and 60% polyester.  These pillows are highly versatile and customizable according to your individual needs.

It features premium quality shredded memory foam filling that keeps your spine alignment adequate with a body posture to avoid spinal pain. Moreover, this pillow is adjustable, and you can add or remove memory foam from the inside to level the pillow.

It is pretty easy to use and clean. Simply put in the entire pillow, or just the cover,  in the machine for a thorough wash. It is recommended to wash the pillow every six months to keep it clean and give it a new look.

Moving on, this pillow is certified by CertiPUR and complies with all its safety standards. It is 100% hypoallergenic and dust resistant., Finally, it offers a cooling sensation at night with its rayon fabric mixture, thus providing a sensational and comfortable sleeping experience after a hectic workday.


ELI & ELM ultimate pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers with neck pain and body strain. It features premium memory foam along with a soft and comfortable pure cotton cover that provides a peaceful sleeping experience and reduces cervical pain.

The best type of pillow for neck pain should be rigid enough to support your weight at a healthy angle. However, it should be soft and comfortable enough at the same time to target your pressure points to relax neck strain. 

Preference for a pillow with a firm or soft composition is directly proportional to your sleeping position. However, an ideal pillow should be soft that support your head and neck to reduce strain. Most of these pillows listed above are adjustable.


I have reviewed the 10 best pillows for neck pain available on Amazon. Hopefully these picks will help you make a good decision and give you the pain relief you want.